This fine United States collection ever offered online is from the estate of a French/German nobleman, Baron Frederick Von Lubcke Spouse: Dora Von Lubcke Birth: about 1853 - Bremen Residence: 1880 - New York City, New York, New York and represents three generations of collectors starting in 1883 and through the 1970’s. The collection illustrated here is from the estate in France. The Baron accumulated over 400 19th century albums, including Swanenburger, antique Shaubeck & Maury albums, I will over time break out pages/collections from these albums. I will also offer some of these albums fully intact. For serious collectors and part time dealers we recommend you buy the book offered here in our store "Everything you ever wanted to know about stamp collecting." Sample chapters can be seen on Amazon, just type in DuBasso on the Amazon site.


I will be putting up selected rarities from the estate. Some have written certification, some have signatures on the back of the stamp including Bloch, Brun, Schlegel, GYPS, etc. You are welcome to have any item certified yourself by notifying me at the time of purchase. Please note most of the signatures are from very well known experts such as those described above. The Baron was a very savvy collector and dealt only with reputable dealers and well known auction firms such as Roumet in Paris, David Feldman in Geneva, etc. Please keep in mind that the warrantee signatures cost a minimum of $25 today and should be taken into consideration as you view our items. A description and price of this collection can be found by clicking the button below.

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